Cero Brand Props

Discover our partner, Roman Cvetanoski, the maker behind Cero Brand Props, specializing in crafting props inspired by the Star Wars and Marvel universe.

“I am a prop maker from Germany and love the Star Wars and Marvel universe and have therefore turned my hobby, which I started almost 2 years ago, into a profession. I always read into the character to learn everything about him so that I can adjust the paintwork accordingly to capture the depth of the character as accurately as possible,” shares Roman Cvetanoski, reflecting the ethos of Cero Brand Props.

“At first, I painted a lot of lightsabers and blasters, which allowed me to learn a lot… but then I got into helmets and armor… especially Star Wars, that’s just my passion,” he discloses, imbuing each piece with a deep appreciation for the iconic saga.

Check out the photos to see his work and connect with Roman on Instagram or visit his Etsy page to order your own Cero Brand Prop today. Props are made in Germany and shipped worldwide.

SHIPPING: Worldwide