Starkiller Inquisitor lightsaber

Starkiller Inquisitor lightsaber  WIth this lightsaber my original solution to all lightsaber electronics has been reintroduced. This was an attempt to allow you to use not just one electronics type but pretty much all the other ones out there. DIY project If you like this model please consider joining my patreon. Lots of models each […]

Second Sister helmet

second sister helmet made by mystery makers

Second Sister helmet  You will notice there are 2 options included: helmet with the neck seal, that can be put on/off by adding part of the helmet with the help of the magnets on the helmet,  and a version with wider neck opening, meant to be assembled and to be put on/off over your head […]

Professor Huyang bust

huyang bust from ahsoka made by mysterymakers

Huyang bust  The eyes have slots for batteries and or you can just print a yellow filament lens.The head can move horizontally to the position of your choice, and just as a little extra there is a slot for a magnet so it can be fixed in the position of your choice. DIY project If […]

Bylan Skoll lightsaber

Bylan Skoll lightsaber  Functional, with standard lightsaber electronics and a screw on cap for easy access/removal of electronics – the hilt has been made more slimmer, and the openings for the electronics holes wider so there are is no problem with reaching the charger port of buttons. DIY project If you like this model please […]

Tom Riddle diary

3d printed tom riddle diary

Tom Riddle diary  Fully 3D printable diary with the display stand and basilisk fang piercing trough the horcrux. The basilisk fang is removable. You can buy a real notebook and use the book corner parts to make it look like the diary. DIY project If you like this model please consider joining my patreon. Lots […]

Jedi survivor blasters

3d printed jedi survivor blasters made by mysterymakers

Jedi survivor blasters  Modular blasters who’s parts you can print and exchange post printing, as in Jedi survivor games. Each blaster is split into 3 parts – top, middle and grip – and these parts can be exchanged between all blasters as they are all compatible and exchangeable after printing by using lock mechanism/ magnets. […]

A180 blaster

A180 blaster  The blaster comes both with functional and non functional trigger, so you can choose which one works best for you. The functional trigger version also has an easy access compartment for the trigger assembly if you need to change the spring or trigger, and it uses the standard m3 screws and nuts to […]